My 12 Month Postpartum Journey

Hi guys,

Finally, my 12 month postpartum journey is here. Most of these pics have never been shown to anyone but I thought it is something I should share on my blog as it is something most of us have or will go through. After having a baby it is a bit of a shock seeing your body all soft and squishy and you think you will never be the same again. After having baby number 2 this is how I felt.

Throughout both pregnancies I smothered myself in Bio-oil to prevent stretch marks and it worked so I am very lucky with that.

3 weeks after having Boston I was back in the gym (only light weights and a little cardio to ease back into it). Slowly but surely I got my body back to normal. I didn’t push myself and rush into as much as I did after I had Bailey.

I changed my eating habits and cut out sugar but kept the calories and carbs high whilst breastfeeding. As long as your diet is in check you will see results. I have not counted calories for a while now as I got a little obsessed with it and wanted to feel more relaxed with eating and training. After counting calories for such a long time I know roughly how big of a portion size I should be having.

I am now training a minimum of 3 days a week. Eating the right kind of food. If I fancy a treat I will have it. I don’t feel guilty if I eat out 1 or 2 times a week. I am learning to love my body a lot more. Nobody is perfect. It is so amazing what a woman’s body goes through so we should all be proud. So what if we have a dimple here and there. There won’t be many people out there that doesn’t. Don’t rush into getting your pre- baby body back. Enjoy the time you have with your baby and do it healthily.

Current shape:

Height 5 ft 7

Weight 9 stone 4


Lose a couple of pounds before Ibiza in July just to feel more toned. Keep building that bum.

Be kind. These pics are not edited, shocking tan, some with no makeup and when my body is at it’s worst.

13th Jan – Day after giving birth.




22nd Jan – 10 days postpartum




16th Feb – 5 weeks Postpartum




15th March – 2 months postpartum



6th April – 12 weeks postpartum




30th May – 19 weeks postpartum


13th August – 7 months Postpartum





12th Jan – 1 year postpartum


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