Well done Paris

Congratulations to Paris Warburton one of our 2 winners of the first 8 week challenges of the year. Paris has now been on 2 of courses and has been so dedicated and determined on both. She is a perfect example of what hard work and consistancy can achieve in such a short amount of time.


11 stone 11

38.9% bodyfat

waist 38 inch


10 stone 7

28.5 % bodyfat

waist 32 inch


Total results for this 8 week challenge

9 pounds

3.4% bodyfat

8 inches

Total results for 16 weeks

1 stone 4 pounds

10.4% bodyfat

23.5 inches

Here is what Paris has to say about her experience on the 8 week challenge.

The main thing I enjoyed about the challenge was I liked the fact that there was classes 3 times a week, it kept me motivated & I would look forward to each class because we would be training something different each time. I also enjoyed meeting lots of different people who were also doing the course.

Overall, I am happy with the results I have achieved by doing two 8 week courses with Kym. The first one I seen a lot of weight loss which kept me motivated and on the 2nd one I seen more inch lost which was great for me as I was using a lot heavier weights this time so my weight was maintaining but my body was changing for the better!

By doing these courses I learnt how to use different machines and techniques. Before I did the first challenge in October, I would have never gone into the gym and used weight machines, it was always cardio because I wasn’t confident in using different machines I wasn’t familiar with. Now, I have my friends asking me to show them how to use them! I have also learnt not to be scared to push yourself that little bit more, which has resulted me in achieve PB’s!

Now the course has come to an end and its only 6 weeks until my holiday, I am going to be exercising in the gym at least 5 times a week & hopefully get a PT for 1-2 times a week!

I would 100% recommend the challenge to my friends & family as before I did the course, I wasn’t motivated, I was lazy & in no way shape or form active. Now, I have done the course I am more active, knowledgable in what I need to do to get the results I want to see & overall happier!

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