My Baby Boy is 1

I can’t believe my little one is now a year old. This has been the fastest year ever. Time definitely speeds up when you have 2 kids. His cheeky but shy personality is coming through. This is such a funny age. He is still quite shy, unlike his brother. If somebody he doesn’t know talks to him he will turns his head into me or into his pram. He will be starting nursery in a month so hopefully he will come out of his shell and enjoy interacting with other people and babies without Mummy there all the time.

Eating: Boston has always been an amazing eater. Their was no filling him and he would try anything. He has all of a sudden gone really fussy. I’m hoping it’s just a faze. He won’t even touch anything mushy and just turns his head. He seams to like finger foods so I’M trying to vary his diet a little with them. He does love oats, banana and honey for breakfast though and has a massive bowl full .

Sleeping: This also started off so well. I had 8 months of amazing sleep. Now I have to put him to bed asleep and as soon as he wakes and realises he is alone he screams the house down. I have to stand in his room with my hand on him and try to sneak away when I think he is asleep praying the floor boards down creak. I have even slept on his bedroom floor some nights.

Playing: Is is so cute to watch him play. Especially with his big brother. He loves to dig through the toy box and fling everything out. He knocks on the conservatory windows to go in and play with the toys and ride Baileys ride-on horsey. Bailey loves to try and get him involved when he is playing.

Talking: He has recently started to sat Mamma and Dadda. He crawls into the bathroom saying ‘a ba” when he wants a bath. He will also say “ta” when you give him something.

Walking: Boston is getting a little braver.  He will walk along holding one of your hands but hasn’t really taken a step yet. He still wizzes around in his walker, going into all of the cupboards and emptying them. He also very fast at crawling up the stairs.

For Boston’s first birthday we had a little get together with the family. We all had a lovely day and Boston was very spoilt.

I will be posting my full 12 months postpartum pics very soon and explaining what I have been doing to get my post baby body back. Keep a look out.

Bye for now



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