We have now been to Dubai for 3 years in a row. The first time was a surprise trip for Marks 30th, the next time we took Bailey and a pregnant tum and the last time with both kids. As you can tell, we really love Dubai. Amazing weather, luxury and so much to do. Whats not to like.

1. Where did we stay?

The first time we visited Dubai we stayed in the Melia hotel. The hotel was out of this world. it was stunning inside. I would say it was best suited for couples and business trips. Inside the hotel is Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor which is modern Indian cuisine. This was an Indian meal like I had never had before.

The last 2 times we went to Dubai we stayed at The Atlantis The Palm. This hotel is out of this world. It has everything you would need for an amazing stay. The rooms are lovely, it has lots of amazing restaurants including my favourite Bread Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay. As well as the 2 massive swimming pools, Aquaventure waterpark is part of the resort.  The private beach is right outside. Dolphinbay is on resort.  The aquariam and The Lost Chambers are inside the hotel and much more. This is Bailey’s favourite place to go on holiday and I think we will struggle to find another hotel that he will enjoy as much as The Atlantis.

2. What to do? There is so much to do in Dubai. Even though we have now been 3 times, there is still much more to see. Here are a few of the places we have visited during our trips.

The Dubai Mall: Every shop you could imagine is in the mall. It has 3 stories of shops and lots of lovely restaurants including The Cheesecake Factory. It also has an aquarium, underwater zoo, fountains, The Burj Khalifa, Kidzania and much more.

The Burj Khalifa: The tallest building in the world. Located inside Dubai Mall. You take an ultra fast lift to the top to see the amazing views.

Kidzania: Kidzania is a located on the top floor of Dubai Mall. It is a town made for kids to play different job roles and earn (kidzania) money. There are lots of job roles to choose from like a pilot, policeman, fireman, radio dj, paramedic, dentist. Bailey loved all the job roles but I think his favourite was working at McDonalds and making his own Happy Meal.

The Burj Al Arab: The Worlds only 7 star hotel. I would suggest to book a meal in one of its restaurants so you can see how beautiful it is inside. We had afternoon tea in the sky view bar and got to see the magnificent views of the Palm Jumeirah and The World islands.

The Dubai Fountains: These are located outside the Dubai Mall and usually play every half hour. They are the worlds largest, dancing water fountains and lovely to watch.

Aquaventure Waterpark: Whilst staying at The Atlantis, the waterpark was included throughout our stay.  We go every day as it’s Bailey’s favourite place to be. The water park has the biggest, scariest water slides I’ve ever seen. Perfect for those thrill seekers. It also has a massive kids waterpark with lots of slides and water guns.

Motiongate: The last time we went to Dubai we visited Motiongate. We was a little worried that it would be too hot so we went later in the day as it started to cool down. Most rides are inside so it wasn’t a problem. Motiongate had lots of rides suitable for Baileys age and some really big ones to satisfy Mark. There is a Smurfs village with lots of parks and rides for little ones, a Dreamworks zone, Lionsgate zone and much more. I think my favourite part was walking through Shrek’s village or Madagascar in Dreamworks.

Ferrari World: Ferrari World is in Abu Dhabi and by taxi took us about an hour to get to from the Atlantis. It is a theme park right next to the Formula 1 track. It is all indoors so no need to worry about the heat. Perfect for boys into cars. It also had the world’s fastest roller coaster so Mark was very happy.

Formula 1: We went to Formula 1 on our first visit to Dubai. It was a coincidence that it was on the weekend we was going. Mark managed to get tickets last minute. He is obsessed with Formula 1. It was an amazing experience and it made Mark’s 30th even more special.

3. Places to eat? There are so many gorgeous restaurants to eat in Dubai. You would need to check the age policy before booking a restaurant as some only allow children age 10 and above. Here are a few of my favourites:

The Armani Ristarante- The most amazing Italian meal I have ever experienced.

Gordon Ramsays Bread Kitchen- Located inside The Atlantis hotel. The food is so good and the they are really good with the kids. I would recommend the beef wellington.

Burj Al Arab- Afternoon tea  in the Skyview bar is an experience everyone needs to have.

Ayamna Lebanese restaurant- Also located in The Atlantis. This restaurant is stunning. The staircase and entrance is just a dream. Hopefully, I will have this in my future home. Bailey especially liked the belly dancer and wanted lots of pictures with the pretty lady. Such a ladies man.

4. When to go?  We have been to Dubai in June, September and November. When we visited in June it was Ramadan. If you go during this time, bear in mind that you will need to be respectful and when outside of your resort no food or drink should be consumed in public during the day. Children are fine to have them but not an adult. June was also very hot. It was reaching 47 degrees so not weather you can sunbathe in.

September  was slightly cooler but still would reach 40 degrees. We found it much easier to walk around and sunbathe in this weather compared to June.

November was even cooler again but still hot. We didn’t experience much of the outside weather during this holiday as it was only a 4 day trip and we had lots of activities to do.

5. Getting around? The best way to get around Dubai is by taxi. They are cheap and usually wiring outside of your hotel.

6. What to wear? In your resort you are pretty much free to wear what you want. When out and about you would need to respect the dress code. Ladies need to cover knees and shoulders. I was really worried about this the first time we went but realised people aren’t overly strict with this. When visiting the mall you will see girls in short shorts and crop tops but for me this is a little disrespectful. Wearing a maxi dress or trousers and a top will stop the stares from the locals.

Hope this helps if you are planning a trip to Dubai. You will not be disappointed.






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