Bostons 10 month update


My baby boy is 10 months old. It’s crazy to think it isn’t long until his 1st birthday. This will also be his first Christmas. I can’t wait for our first Christmas as a family of 4.

My recovery I am fully recovered and have been for a while. Maybe a little tired but what mum of 2 isn’t?

My Body  I now weigh 8 stone 13. I am happy with how my body is looking right now. If i am honest, this is probably the most comfortable I have ever been with it. I have relaxed with my food a little, having lots of festive coffees and drinks and I feel fine. I might have put on a couple of pounds but haven’t caused too much damage. I might be a little more strict with my intake of food after Christmas but right now I will definitely enjoying the festivities.


Training Most weeks I am only managing to train 3 days a week. I would like to train 5 so I really need to figure out some sort of routine with the kids to do that.

Diet Lots of festive coffees, Baileys and chocolate. Most of my actual meals are quite healthy though. I will cook family meals like Chilli, Cottage pie or healthy chicken curry.

My mood I have now come off the pill and have had the coil fitted. I have definitely noticed a difference and don’t seam to fly of the handle quite as much. Mark might say different though.

Bostons weight At Bostons  8-12 month assessment his weight and measurements were perfect so no worries there.


6:30am Wake up and 2 weetabix or baby porridge.

10am Bottle of milk and nap time.

12am Dinner time. Trying lots of new food. He is not loving finger food just yet and just seams to throw it on the floor. He would rather have his pureed food.

2.30pm Bottle feed and nap

5pm Tea time! Pureed food and fruit.

7pm Bottle and bed

Feeding We have been trying lots of new food. He isn’t keen on avocado. He loves Mini cheddars and goes crazy for them. In a morning he will run over to his advent calendar in his walker and bring it to me. Funny boy loves chocolate. Who doesn’t.

Developing & Playing He is now crawling really well. He will pull himself up on everything. He loves to talk in his little baby language and flies around the house in his walker. He loves to wave at everyone and give lotos kisses.

He hates going to bed at the minute and screams blue murder to try to stay awake. This is a stage that we keep coming back to.

Days out It really cold at the minute and snowy so we are limited to outdoor activities. We go to a sing an sign class every Thursday. Boston really loves interacting with the other babies.


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