Baileys 4 year update


So I am loving being able to look back on Boston’s monthly developments, so I thought I should do the same for Bailey. He is now 4 years old. I can’t believe it. It’s true when they say time flies when you have kids.


Bailey has a personality that everyone can’t help but love. He is a very loud, confident little boy. He will talk to anyone and everyone. He likes to ask lots of questions and tell lots of (make believe) stories.

He is also the most caring little man. He wants to help everyone. He is quick to try and make other children smile when they are upset. All the girls love him at Nursery. When he walks through the door they all swarm him. He has a couple of new girlfriends every day. When I pick him up from Nursery he gives me a flower that he has picked from the playground. He is the sweetest boy ever.


Bailey is learning so much now he is in preschool. He loves to practice his writing at the moment and luckily he has had lots of birthday cards to write for him to practice.

He loves to learn new things so I try and teach him little things when he asks questions. We take the opportunity to learn new things when stuck in traffic on the way to Nursery. We can now have a little conversation in French and Bailey can spell his whole name. We talk about planets and space, dinosaurs and everything else he is interested in at the time.


Bailey loves cars. He knows all the different brands of cars and will point them out. His favourite is a Lamborghini.

He also loves horses which Nana Birchall is very happy about. He helps her with the horses when he goes to visit and loves to ride them. I think next year we will let him do shows. I did hem at his age and always got 1st place.

Bailey has been doing skiing lessons and loves them. He is now ready to do him level 2 at Chill Factore. We are hoping to take the boys on a skiing holiday in the next couple of years. Me and Mark went on them every year before Bailey came along. Mark is a snowboarder and I have converted from skiing to snowboarding so we would like Bailey to snowboard eventually. He is a little bit too young to do it yet and he can only have lessons snowboarding at Chill Factore at 8 years old.

Bailey as a big brother

He loves being a big brother. He is not a jelous brother and will do anything for Boston. I love looking through the rearview mirror and see him smiling at Boston and holding his hand. It melts my heart. Bailey always wakes first in a morning and when we come downstairs he says ‘can you go and get Boston’.

When we pick him up from Nursery he will run out of the classroom door and through to reception to see his little brother waiting with Lisa on the desk and smothers him in kisses.

He will share his treats with Boston and loves to play with his toys together.

It makes me so happy to see how much they love each other and I know they will always be there for eachother as they grow up.



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