Bailey’s New Big Boy bedroom

Hi guys!

Bailey has had his new bedroom for quite a while now so I thought it was about time I showed you the results.

I loved Baileys old bedroom as I had spent a lot of time hand painting the jungle wall whilst pregnant with him. He loved it too but we needed to get him a new big bed as he was still in his cotbed so we decided to give his whole bedroom a transformation to suit his age. I felt really sad painting over the jungle wall but I love the results. It now feels bright and fun and he was amazed to come home to it after a weekend with Nana to the caravan.






Wardrobe HERE

Drawers HERE

Teepee HERE

Blue rug HERE

Cushions HERE

Bedding HERE

Red Arrow light HERE

Wallpaper HERE

Im a Superhero print HERE

Batman Print HERE

Don’t grow up print HERE

Letters HERE


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