My Favourite Box-sets For Cosy Nights In

IMG_7359Autumn is definitely here and there’s nothing we love more then to sit down after putting the kids to bed, light a few candles and catchup on our favourite box-sets. Mark and I have been checking out the new Ultra HD TV Panasonic as it’s now time for a fancy upgrade. Here is our top 10 Box-sets with a little insight of what they are about (without telling too much).

1. Breaking Bad


We have watched all of Breaking Bad now. This has to be one of our favourites. It is about a guy called Walter White who is a High School Chemistry teacher and gets diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He is worried about his families future financially once he has passed so becomes a meth dealer. Amazing to watch his character change so much.

2. Better Call Saul


This is a spin-off from Breaking Bad and is just as good. We are almost up to date with this. Saul Goodman is Walter Whites Lawyer in Breaking Bad and is such a big character. Better call Saul is set 6 years before Breaking Bad and shows Jimmy McGills journey before renaming himself Saul Goodman and meeting Walter.

3. Big Bang Theory


Who doesn’t love Big Bang. I think we have watched every one. Much like Friends, The Big Bang Theory has such different characters. All which you will love.

It is about a group of friends that are all scientists and work at a University. Penny is the hot, blonde that moves across the hall from Sheldan and Leonard. The show shows the awkwardness of the characters in social situations, especially around women. So funny to watch.

4. Peeky Blinders


This is quite a new one for us.  We are about halfway through the first series and so far we are loving it. Set in Birmingham in 1919, just after the First World War. The Peeky Blinders are a family led gang with the leader Tommy Shelby.

5. Game Of Thrones


This is also quite a new one for us. You really need to watch every one to understand what is going on. There are so many different stories going on at the same time. A little weird at first but very addictive once you get into it.

Game of Thrones was originally a series of fantasy novels. It is a medieval fantasy epic about two powerful families at war. A story with Kings and Queens, Knights, Monsters and Dragons.

6. Homeland


We have watched all of Homeland. It has such a great storyline and is very addictive.

Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody returns home after being held in captivity for 8 years. CIA Agent Carrie Matheson played by Claire Danes believes he has been turned whilst being held captive. Carrie risks everything to find out the truth.

7. Prison Break


We have watched all of Prison Break. Another favourite of ours.

Michael Scofield purposely gets sent to prison so he can break out his brother Lincoln who has falsely been convicted of a crime and is now on death row. Michael has had his whole body tattooed with the blueprints of the prison to help him find their way out.

8. Pretty Little Liars


This is something I got into a while back but not something Mark was interested in.

It is about a group of friends that begin to get texts from someone calling themselves A soon after their friend Alison went missing. The texts threaten to reveal their deepest secrets.

9.  The Inbetweeners


The Inbetweeners is one that you can watch over and over again and still find funny. We have watched all of them and still watch them often.

It is about a group of boys in sixth form and their awkward teenage situations. So funny.

10. Friends


An all time favourite. I don’t think I know anyone that hasn’t watched Friends, so I probably don’t need to explain much about it.

It is about a group of friends that live in New York, each with completely different characters. They all have such a good relationship with each other. It’s hard to choose a favourite as they are all such loveable characters.

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