Dynamics Gym 8 Week Challenge

We are due to start our third 8 week challenge at Dynamics Gym after the first 2 being so successful. Our results so far have been amazing. I have loved working with everyone and have made some lovely friendships throughout the courses.

During the course everyone is provided with

1-2-1 consultation,

tailored diet,

tailored workouts,

Weight and measurements taken,

Bodyfat measurements,

progress pictures taken,

full support via wotsapp,

group classes 3x a week,

full access to Dynamics gym.

Everything you will need to make a big difference to your health, fitness levels and appearance. Many people that have done the courses have gone on to do the next one as they have enjoyed it so much.

This is not a quick fix. You will learn a lot to change your lifestyle and enjoy being a new, healthier you.

Here are some of our results from previous 8 week challenges.

sam 8 weeknat 8 weeks 2me 8 weeksrhea final results 8 weeksLauren 8 weeksbex 8 week 2bex back 8 weekbex side 8 weekdanielle 8 week 2danielle 8 week backDanielle 8 week sidekirsty 8 weekskirsty 8 week 2

Kirsty’s results after 2 courses (16 week progress)

kirsty 16 week

october 8 week challenge advert

If you would like to book onto our next course please direct message me on Facebook. KYM BIRCHALL FITNESS

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