Boston’s 8 month update


My baby is now 8 month’s!!! He is such a cutey with a cheeky personality. When people say cherish every moment as they grow so fast, it’s true, they do.

My recovery My body is completely back to normal now. I have lost all my baby weight and feel fine. The only problem that I am having is with my pill. Before I was pregnant I had the non-hormonal coil which was brilliant. No problems and no side effects. After having Boston I have gone on the pill which isn’t agreeing with me at all. I feel like my moods are up and down and I can go from 1 to 100 in no time. Time to have the coil again I think.

My Body I am really happy with how my body has done after 2 pregnancies. I have eaten really well all year since having Boston and it’s paid off. I now feel the most confident I ever have. I don’t know if it is because I am a little older and don’t really care as much of what people think but I don’t feel I need to hide away as much as I used too on holiday if I have a little dimple somewhere or a bloated tummy.  You will never be happy if you care too much about what other people think. DKfPbuvW0AAIzva.jpg-largeDKfPJEQW4AEHiVy.jpg-large


Training I have been away on holiday twice over the last couple of month’s so I have trained in between. Now it’s time to figure out a routine with the kids so I can get in the gym 5 day’s a week because I want to try and gain a little muscle so I can compete next year.

Diet I have eaten what I have wanted on holiday but from now on I will be upping my calories to gain muscle. Lots more protein and lots more carbs. Lot’s of food for winter. Yay!

My mood I’m a little crazy now and again. Since going on the pill I can feel myself getting really angry. I didn’t feel that before. Time to get rid of that pill and get the coil back.

Bostons weight 


6:30am Wake up and 2 weetabix or baby porridge.

10am Bottle of milk and nap time.

12am Dinner time. Pureed food.

2.30pm Bottle feed and nap

5pm Tea time! Pureed food and pureed fruit.

7pm Bedtime! As you will have seen if you have read my previous posts, Boston has been an angel with his sleeping, until now. Whilst we was away in Dubai, Boston didn’t like his bed and would only settle when sleeping with me. He would scream and as soon as I picked him up he would fall straight asleep. I thought it might be a problem when we got home, and it was. Boston screamed when putting him down to sleep on the first night but I had to be strong and let him cry for 5 mins, go in and give him a cuddle and put him down then repeat. I think this is called controlled crying. He ended up crying himself to sleep. It is heartbreaking to do but I think it worked as it was much better the next night. I knew if I gave in and took him into my bed, I would never get him out. I don’t sleep if he is in my bed as I worry that he would get smothered. You read so many scary stories.

Feeding This boy will eat anything I give to him. I can’t eat anything myself without him shouting for it. When on holiday he would eat 2 weetabix, a big bowl of yoghurt, some muesli and a pancake and that was just for breakfast.

Developing & Playing Boston has developed lot’s over the last couple of month’s. He can now sit up, he has 4 teeth, he can eat finger foods, he can roll over, he does lot’s of splashing in the pool or bath. His little personality is so cute. He smiles at everyone and loves to giggle at his brother. He still loves kisses and cuddles and grabs your face to pull you in for a kiss.


Days out Obviously lot’s of days out on our holiday to Dubai like the watermark, the pool, the mall, kidzania, ferrari world, motion gate theme park.  It will get a little bit more difficult for day’s out now the rain has started.


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