Boston’s 5 month update

Hi guys!!! I know I’ve been slacking lately with blog post’s but it’s time to get back on track. Mainly because the updates about my boy’s are so nice to look back on and it’s like out little diary. Boston is now 6 month’s old so I have a couple of month’s worth of monthly updates to catchup on. Luckily I have still taken pic’s and kept track of what’s been going on. So here is Boston’s 5 month update and my postpartum body update.

My recovery I am now weening Boston of the breast. He isn’t a big fan anyway. He just has one feed a day in a morning on the breast. I have finally changed the pill to a normal one and not the mini pill so hopefully the bleeding will stop. Since I have stopped the mini pill I have had a normal time of the month.

My body My body is feeling back to normal. I am about 17% body fat and the body fat is finally starting to come off my hips. My weight is about 9 stone 2. I decided to keep track of my progress whilst the girls and guys were doing the 8 week challenge at Dynamics Gym so here is my 8 week progress pictures. Not the most flattering I know but never mind.

Training I am managing to train about 3 to 4 days a week. I’m finding it much harder to find the time with 2 kiddies.

Diet My diet is still going great. I am allowing myself a couple of cheat meals a week as the weight is coming off fine. Not weighing anything and eating when I’m hungry just reasonable portions.

My mood My mood is all over the place at the min. Some days I feel low. Some days I feel amazing and so grateful for everything I have. I don’t know if it i because of my pill change but my hormones are going crazy.

Bostons weight He weighs about 17 pound now. He is definitely a chunky monkey now. He is looking big for his age. At 5 and a half months I have started to introduce food. Just a little baby porridge and mushed fruit.


6:30am Wake and breastfeed

8am  Bottle and nap time

10am Porridge and mushed fruit

11am Bottle fed

1pm Bottle feed and Nap

4pm Bottle feed

7pm Bedtime bottle and put in bed awake where he falls asleep peacefully and sleeps all night. So blessed to have such a good baby that sleeps.

Feeding I have started to introduce food. Just a little baby porridge and mushed fruit, avocado and sweet potato. Still breastfed first thing in the morning. Bottles for the rest of the day.

Developing & Playing We are finally getting a few giggles out of Boston. It’s so cute. He is such a happy boy. He grabs everything and pulls them to his mouth to chew.

Days out Still lots of days out. Boston loves to nosey around when he is in his pram so is pretty happy wherever he goes.


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