10 Baby products I can’t live without

1. Dummy clip This is a lifesaver! Boston constantly drops his dummy so it’s a nightmare when we are out and about. Babies dummies need to be sterile so once it has fallen onto the floor it is useless and we will have a very upset baby. I got Boston’s personalised dummy clip off Ebay. Bailey had one with his name on too so its a lovely keepsake once they are finished with.


2. Jumperoo Boston loves the Jumperoo (as did Bailey). He does lots of jumping when he gets excited and loves to try and grab hold of the toys all around it. He keeps him entertained for quite a while whilst I get my cleaning done.


3. Isofix We never had an Isofix with Bailey but I was thinking (whilst pregnant)  how difficult it would be to get a Newborn and a Toddler in and out of the car and how time consuming. Mark’s sister kindly let me borrow her little ones carseat and Isofix as Jude has a new one. It is the best thing ever! So easy to just clip the carseat onto without faffing around with the seatbelt. All I need to do is clip Boston’s carseat on and fasten Bailey’s seatbelt and away we go.


4. Bath support When Boston was born he went in his baby bath but now he is a little bigger he has a bath with Bailey. I can lie him on the bath support which stops him slipping and sliding all around the bath when I try to hold him. He loves it in the bath with his big brother and gets really excited.


5. Breastfeeding cushion I don’t actually use this to breastfeed. I use it to prop Boston up on the sofa so he can sit up and see everybody. He likes to go on it in a morning and watch cartoons with Bailey whilst I drink my cup of tea.


6. Baby carrier As I have said in a previous blog post, the baby sling is so handy when you are out walking where there are steps. I also think it will be handy on holiday. If Bailey needs a nap when out and about we can put him in the pram and carry Boston in the carrier.


7. Sleepyhead of Sweden Boston has been sleeping in this from day 1. He has always been a good sleeper. He has slept through since he was 8 weeks old. I can’t say whether this is the reason why as he has never not been in it at night. He definitely looks all snug in it though and knows it is bed time as soon as I put him in it.

bedroom 7 _4

8. Bouncer I got this for about £15 on sale at Toys ‘r’ us and it has been so handy. Boston gets so excited when he is in it and loves grabbing the toys. I keep it upstairs so I can put him in it whilst I get ready in a morning.


9. Aden and Anais muslim These are always handy to have around. Boston is such a sicky baby so I can clean it with these. It is also good to put over the pram in hot, sunny weather as it is breathable and light. I have also used it when I have needed to breastfeed in public. I’m not very brave to have everything on show so this can cover us up. It is also handy as a light blanket when he falls asleep.


10. Sleeping bag These are definitely needed for a baby to sleep in. Boston throws his legs about a lot so I would worry that loose covers would smother him.


I hope this helps a few of you pregnant ladies out there.

I would love to hear about some other baby products you mummies can’t live without!

Lots of Love x

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