Bostons 4 month update (my postpartum body update)


My recovery I feel like I am almost back to normal. I am still really tired but I think that must be due to breastfeeding. Boston is a dream and sleeps all night, every night, so I can’t blame him. I have been bleeding every day for about a month again. The Doctor said that this could be caused by the pill that I am on. We won’t really know until I change my pill to a normal one (non breastfeeding pill).

My body My body is doing better than expected. My tummy is pulling in nicely and my abs are starting to make a small appearance again. We are doing an 8 week challenge at Dynamics Gym and I am tracking my progress. We are no w halfway through (4 weeks in obviously) and I have lost 5% body fat and half a stone. My goal was to be 15% body fat by Ibiza in 9 weeks but I think I can set a better goal as I am already at 17.3%. I am still carrying a little fat on my hips but I will stay consistent and shift it. IMG_6541

Training Training isn’t going too bad. There is the the odd day that I am struggling to get into the gym. On nice, sunny days I have been getting out with the pram and even been walking to nursery to pick Bailey up. I have started to lift heavier in the gym now as I feel my body must be fully recovered after having Boston. I am going to try and gain the muscle back that I lost during pregnancy.

I want to try new things like Boxing to try and mix things up a little. Doing the same thing for years can get a little boring so mixing it up keeps it enjoyable.

Diet Diet is going great. I am really happy with where I am at with it. I am not weighing anything and can sit down and eat with the family in the evening. I don’t touch sugary things and eat the right foods and make sure my portions aren’t too big. I will treat myself to a pizza or something on a Saturday night but I’m quite happy to leave the naughty food at that.

My mood My mood is ok at the minute. I have been feeling pretty down after the terrorist attack in Manchester last week. It has really scared me thinking about my children’s future.

Bostons weight He now weighs 15 pound 3. He is average for his age but he looks pretty big to me. Definitely chunking up nicely. IMG_6437


5am Breastfeed

6:30am Wake up and breastfeed

7am play and smile (we get lots of smiles first thing in the morning so me and Bailey spend his time doing baby talk and making funny noises to get smiles)

8:30am Breastfeed

10am Bottle fed

11am Nap

1pm Bottle feed and Nap

4pm Breastfeed

7pm Bottle feed

8pm Breastfeed and top up if needed. He falls asleep for the night at this point.

Feeding  I am still breastfeeding a little bit. He isn’t really interested in it anymore though. He would rather have a bottle as no effort is required to make the milk come out. I think I will give it another month breastfeeding and stop.

I have also tried him with baby porridge which he likes. He isn’t so keen on banana but seams to like avocado. I will slowly introduce him to new foods.

Developing & Playing He is grabbing everything now. If you get too close he will grab you and try to eat you. Bailey finds this really funny and always puts his face near Boston so he does this.

Boston is definitely teething. His fangs seam to be growing and his gums are really white in that area. I don’t think it will be long until they pop through.

He bounces away in hid jumperoo now and spins the toys. So cute.

Days out We are always out and about. We still like to feed the ducks and went for a nice walk up Rivington last week. It is so pretty up there.



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