Our favourite day out

It’s the weekend again. Bailey is at the caravan with Nana and Granddad until Monday so I have till then to get his whole bedroom decorated and new furniture built. A lot to do with a baby at home.

When Bailey isn’t at the caravan or at nursery we need to find things to do to get us out the house as Daddy works from home. Bailey only goes to nursery for 2 days a week so that is a lot of days that I need to plan for. It’s a little trickier now that we have Boston because we need to plan around feeds (or where is convenient for breastfeeding) and places like the cinema are now out of bounds (although he is so well behaved I think he would sleep through the whole film).

Our favourite thing to do is to go and feed the ducks and have a nice walk around the lake. I love to listen to Baileys stories. His imagination is amazing. He tells me about days out he has had with hid friends (that never actually happened). ┬áHe tells me about all of his girlfriends at Nursery and how they all love him. He also likes to say hello to every single person we see. He is the most confident little boy. I love him this way as I was such a shy child. I wouldn’t speak to anyone until I left school and became a hairdresser. I was made to have a conversation with clients and it really helped with my shyness. People are shocked when I tell them this but it’s true. I think Bailey will have a really successful future because he is confident and knows what he wants. He is a very competitive but also takes into consideration other peoples feelings. I love to see his personality coming through and he has definitely got lots of it.



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