Boys Bedroom Inspo

Hi!!! I have been such a busy bee lately. I am getting organised for Dynamics Gym 8 week Summer body challenge which is run by me and another Personal Trainer at the gym. It begins this Saturday so just finishing off the last bits.

I am also getting prepared to decorate Baileys bedroom. He is off to the caravan Friday to Monday so I want to have all finished for when he gets home. I need to be organised and plan it out perfectly. I have been searching Pinterest for a while now for ideas. I originally decided on a black and white theme with zigzag wallpaper and a blackboard wall but when I explained my plan to Mark he said the wallpaper seamed too old for a 3 year old and he needs something fun and bright. Bailey just agrees with anything I show him as long as it has a tent.

We have finally decided on a superhero bedroom. I can’t wait to get started and finally show you the finished result. Bailey will be so happy when he gets home on Monday.

Here is some inspo I have found on Pinterest.

boys bedroom 2boy bedroomboys bedroomboys bedroom 3boys bedroom 4boys bedroom 5boys bedroom 6boys bedroom 7boys bedroom 9boys bedroom 8boys bedroom 10boys bedroom 11boys bedroom 12

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