Happy Easter


Happy Easter Sunday!!! Hope everyone has had a great time over the last few days.

I love creating traditions and making special memories for my boys. We have to make life as fun as possible before they grow up and learn about the real world. Last night I decorated the house and (The Easter Bunny) came and left lots of Chocolate eggs, little gifts and a note on the chalk board to tell Bailey and Boston that he had hidden lots of little eggs for them to find.

Both boys had a sleep in this morning till 8am which was fab. Bailey was so excited to see if the Easter Bunny had been. It was like Christmas all over again. We did Baileys egg hunt in the house as it is still pouring it down with rain and played outdoor snakes and ladders indoors. Bailey had a breakdown because he didn’t win.  We decided against going out for the day because of the rain and have spent all day watching kids films and eating chocolate and popped out for some dinner. Now back home in our comfies watching Baileys favourite film Avatar.

Tomorrow we are having a family day out to a car show. Bailey is obsessed with cars so he is really excited. Lets hope it isn’t raining like today.


My first outfit:

Loungewear HERE

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Jeans HERE

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