Coachella vibes!!!

Coachella 2017 starts this weekend so I thought I would bring a little Coachella to the UK. Although we don’t quite have the weather for it right now. We are back to the cold, windy, wet and dull days again. Hopefully, it won’t last too long and the sunshine will be back. How amazing would it be to actually go to Coachella in the US. Maybe one day.

Festival season will be starting soon here in the UK so thought I would give you a little inspo.  I have decided to do a  Coachella themed blog in 4 parts over the next couple of weeks so here is outfit one. I’m kind of digging my bull ring piercing. I don’t think i’m brave enough to actually get it pierced but it went with the whole boho theme I had going on.


Photography by Alexandra Holt

Playsuit HERE

Choker HERE

Boots similar HERE and HERE

Hat Primark

Clip on Nose ring HERE

Rings HERE


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