12 Week Postpartum update

IMG_5947IMG_5912Hey guys,  My little man is 12 weeks old. I need him to stop growing right now. I love having a baby and have told Mark we will have to have one every year. He says no more, we are finished. We will just have to see. I might agree with him in a couple of years when we have 2 boys wrestling in the house.  Right now they are just so cute. They love each other so much. Boston always smiles when he sees his big brother and loves a cuddle off him. Bailey loves to show Boston off to everybody. He says to everyone ‘look at my little brother’. So cute. He really looks after him too. When he cries he will run over and put hid dummy in or sing to him. I’m such a lucky Mamma.

My recovery I feel totally fine now. My skin is starting to tighten up and look back to normal on my tummy. My hair doesn’t feel too brittle, my skin is nice and clear and my nails seam to be growing really well. Normally after pregnancy the opposite happens. Your hair and nails are brittle and you are lacking certain vitamins. Especially when breastfeeding as the baby is taking them from you in your breastmilk. I am getting no pains and no bleeding. Now that I am on the special contraceptive pill for breastfeeding mummies I won’t get a period because I have no break from them. They need to be taken every day. Bonus!

My body I am getting there. I now weigh 9st 5. This is 5 pound under my pre-pregnancy weight. Like I said last time, this is due to losing quite a lot of muscle during pregnancy. I am working hard on gaining it back. I am comfortably wearing my size 8 clothes again but still need my tummy to tighten up a bit more before I feel back to normal. It still looks slightly bloated. Can’t really complain after having 2 babies though.

Here are my 12 pp pics. No posing, no editing, no high waisted pants.

Training Training is good and quite consistent. I have been getting to the gym between 4 and 5 days a week depending on when I can. On sunny days I walk to the gym with the pram which takes about half an hour to get there. I am currently working on some at home workouts to help other mummies out there as I know how difficult it can be to get to the gym. You can even get the kids involved. I am not doing much cardio in the gym,  mainly weights. I am trying my hardest to regain that muscle I lost before I strip the fat for Ibiza in August.

Diet I have finally found that healthy balance that I have been searching for over these last few years. I am eating healthy all the time. I don’t weigh anything but know not to eat massive portions as I don’t feel good afterwards. I am cooking nice family meals and not restricting myself to tasteless, bland food but just having a reasonable sized portion. On a Saturday night we have pizza night. I have struggled with cheat meals in the past because when the day arrived I was too tempted to have a bit of this and a bit of that throughout the whole day.  I  don’t even feel tempted at the minute. I am happy with my pizza on a Saturday night.

My mood This past week I have felt a little hormonal at times but apart from that I feel great. The sun is finally shining so this makes a massive difference.

Bostons weight He now weighs 12 pound 8. I worry at times that he isn’t gaining enough because he is still breastfed and sleeps all night so obviously doesn’t feed during the night. He is growing really well though. He is the average weight for his age.

His routine A bit of a change from last month as he now sleeps through the night. This is just a rough example as he is having little feeds and cat naps here and there all day.

6:30am Wake up and breastfeed

7am play and smile (we get lots of smiles first thing in the morning so me and Bailey spend his time doing baby talk and making funny noises to get smiles)

8:30am Breastfeed

9am Nap

10am Breastfeed and a few cat naps here and there

11:30am Breastfeed

1:30pm Breastfeed and Nap

3pm Breastfeed

4pm Nap

5pm Breastfeed and top up with formula ( he isn’t really interested in my boob at this point of the day and just wants a bottle)

8pm Breastfeed and top up if needed. He falls asleep for the night at this point.

Feeding I am still breastfeeding. I love it and I’m not ready to stop yet. It’s an amazing feeling being able to feed your baby yourself. He is having less formula then last month and normally only has 1 bottle a day at about 5pm. I don’t feel like I need to express as I haven’t really gone anywhere where I can’t breastfeed.

Developing & Playing He can hold his head up all the time now so we have dug out the Jumperoo. He didn’t look too impressed in it at first but I think he is starting to like it.  He is starting to be able to grasp objects. He has conversations with us in his little baby talk. We are still waiting for giggles. He is very smiley but hasn’t giggled properly yet.

Days out Now the sun is here we will be going on lots of days out. We feed the ducks about once a week and go to Nanas every week.  We use the sling quite a lot to go out. I find it much easier and don’t have to worry about steps. We plan to go to the Zoo next week.

Bailey walks everywhere now and doesn’t complain or ask to be carried anymore. He is such a big boy now.


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