Hey guys! It’s Wednesday already. The days are going so fast lately. Bailey is keeping me busy with his swimming, boxing and skiing lessons. He’s at the perfect age to pick things up really easy so I want to encourage him to get into lots of different sports. I’m trying to feed him lot’s of information too because his memory is amazing and seams to remember everything I tell him. He can spell his full name perfectly and knows his address. I’m currently teaching him a few little french words and he’s doing brilliant.

I’ve decided to add a few outfit posts to my blog on a Wednesday. I love fashion and shopping so this is a perfect excuse to do that. I have lots of lovely clothes but don’t really go anywhere to show them off.  I’m still not 100% confident with my body after having Boston so a duster coat is perfect to feel a little more covered up.


Duster coat HERE

Jeans similar HERE

Shoes HERE



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