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Another weekend without my big boy. He has gone on his holidays again with Nana to the caravan in Windermere.  The life of a 3 year old hey! Im spending my weekend training, cleaning and eating pizza. The weather is rubbish again so no outdoors for us. I’m also going to do a little research on where to get married. It’s been 3 months since me and Mark got engaged so about time we got a plan in place. We know we want a quiet wedding abroad but have no idea where. Any ideas?

Getting out and about these days has gotten a lot harder so I have been trying out different ways to make life easier. I decided to look into getting a baby carrier and did my research. I wanted something quick and easy to put on. I tried on a few different carriers in the baby shop but found this one the best. It’s comfortable, not too hard to put on and looks quite nice. I was also told it is good for breastfeeding mummies as the baby is in a perfect position and the head is secure inside with no boobage showing. I can’t bring myself to whip my boob out in public so this might be ok. I haven’t breastfed whilst wearing it yet but I will give it a go. I know I shouldn’t but I just feel a little awkward breastfeeding in public.

When using my baby wrap I find I can interact with Bailey a lot more when we go for walks without being restricted with a pram. We can climb steps and get to places we usually can’t with the pram.  Boston feels nice and snug inside the wrap and usually just sleeps. He does get quite warm inside so I don’t wrap him up in too many layers of clothing. Not too sure whether it will make him too hot in Summer as he has a little red cheek when I take him out of it. It must be because of my body heat. I make sure he doesn’t have a hat on to prevent him from overheating. The wrap I purchased was the Close Caboo Lite Baby Carrier in Stormy Sea colour  from HERE.  This is the lighter, more breathable version which is more suitable for summer. Like I say, this still makes the baby quite warm so the normal version will make them even hotter.

Enjoy the last bit of your weekend guys!!!


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