8 week Postpartum update


I think it’s time to give you a little update now Boston is 8 weeks old. It will be good to look back on this to see how my body was and how it has improved (or not) and to see how Boston has developed by this stage. Hopefully it will be helpful to those pregnant ladies out there and new mummies who are curious to know what life is like with an 8 week old baby. Everyones experiences and bodies are different, every baby is different, but this is how it is for me with my second baby. I am finding it so much easier this time around. Maybe because I am a few years older and feel much more relaxed in life or maybe it’s because I have experience because I am already a mummy.

My recovery I am amazed how a woman’s body adapts to have a baby and how it pulls itself back together afterwards. A woman usually bleeds for about 6 weeks after giving birth. I stopped at about 4 weeks but started again at 6 weeks up to 8 weeks. I went to the Doctors about this as I was bleeding very heavy and it didn’t seam to be like a period. It turns out that it was because I had started to take my pill that I had been on before falling pregnant. This is a big no no until 6 weeks after giving birth and if you are breastfeeding. It puts lots of extra hormones into your body when your body has lots already. A special pill is given instead. Luckily I hadn’t been taking this for very long so only a small amount of  oestrogen could of been passed onto the baby through breast milk. The Doctor told me not to worry. So a warning to all new mummies, go to the Doctors for the right contraception and don’t use your usual pill.

My body I am pretty happy with my body at this stage. For the first few weeks I worried that my body would never look the same again as my body looked so different to how it did after having Bailey. I was a lot bigger and softer and my skin looked weird on my tummy like it had cellulite. I didn’t really have a bump straight away after giving birth like most people do but my tummy was like a deflated balloon with a few rolls.  I started to ease back into training at 3 weeks postpartum. Just light weighs and a little bit of cardio. At about 4 weeks pp I noticed my body started to improve and I could finally get into my pre pregnancy jeans (squeezed very tightly, but in them). This won’t be down to being back at the gym as I had only been twice at this point and didn’t really push myself. My body must of naturally started to get back to normal and maybe breastfeeding was helping.  Now at 8 weeks pp the rolls have gone from my tummy but still have one at the back which is really annoying. I need to get rid of it. My skin looks back to normal on my tummy just got body fat to lose, especially on my hips.  I am so happy about this because I thought I would never get rid of the weird wrinkly looking skin. Overall my body isn’t a million miles from where I want it to be. With improvements to my diet and training consistently it shouldn’t take too long. My weight is a pound lighter then before I was pregnant so I can’t go off weight as I have lost a lot of muscle. Over time I need to get this back as it isn’t my aim to be skinny. I want some curves in the right places.

Here are my 8 week pp pictures taken off my iPhone 6. Unedited and unfiltered in no poses to make my body look better. I keep seeing women posting pictures after giving birth in certain poses to make there body look totally different to how they actually are in real, everyday life. It’s unrealistic I would love for them to post just a normal, straight bodied picture because it isn’t fair to girls out there. And the ones with high waisted shorts or leggings on are just hiding whats really going on. Your lower stomach and belly button is where it all happens. My bellybutton still looks a little weird but when everything tightens up around there it should look back to normal. High waisted bottoms are also good to took in your rolls so don’t be fooled. If you would like me to do a detailed post about my postpartum body with more pics week to week leave a comment below.


Training This has been on and off really. I have had a few good weeks where I have been to the gym 3 or 4 times a week but then last week I had the whole week off because I hadn’t been sleeping well and it was the last thing I wanted to do. It is difficult to train when Bailey is off nursery but when he is in I take Boston with me and he sleeps in his carseat. I am going to have to do some at home workouts when I have both boys. We are trying to get out for walks when the weather is ok. Bring on the summer. I have really had enough of this dull, dreary weather.

Diet My diet has massively improved compared to when I was pregnant. I have eaten much healthier. I am not following a strict diet or counting my macros. I am making sure I am getting plenty of carbs in because I am breastfeeding. I don’t want to reduce my breast milk by cutting calories. Breastfeeding is making me much more hungrier. I am constantly hungry but I am making sure I am eating the right food. I am avoiding some foods like whey protein. It really confuses me when breastfeeding fitness ladies promote whey protein and BCAA’s and then when people in the comments ask if this is ok whilst breastfeeding they don’t reply. I doubt they are really having them. Well I hope not. They just do the post for the pay cheque. If your Doctor says it’s ok then it’s ok but my Doctor doesn’t so I am having all natural protein and wouldn’t touch BCAA’s.

My mood Well putting a load of extra hormones in my body hasn’t helped. Considering this, I haven’t been too bad. There has been times when I have felt a bit down but I can honestly say going to the gym has made me feel better. It makes me feel like me again. I am not sat at home just breastfeeding all day. I am doing something for me.

Bostons weight He now weighs 11 pound. He is growing very quickly. He was only tiny when he was born weighing 6 pound 5 so he has really caught up. He is starting to get a few rolls finally. He was so skinny when he was born.


His routine We are starting to get a bit of a routine. It’s a bit difficult to have one when you are breastfeeding as you just feed as and when.

6:30am Wake up and breastfeed

7am play and smile (we get lots of smiles first thing in the morning so me and Bailey spend his time doing baby talk and making funny noises to get smiles)

8:30am Breastfeed

9am Nap

11:30am Breastfeed

1:30pm Nap

3pm Breastfeed and top up with formula ( he get’s a bit fed up on my boob because he is really hungry and my boob milk doesn’t come out fast enough)

4pm Nap

5pm Breastfeed and top up with formula ( he isn’t really interested in my boob at this point of the day and just wants a bottle)

5:30pm Nap 

8pm Bottle of formula before bed. He falls asleep with a very full tummy and I go to bed at about 9:30pm whilst he is still asleep.

3am Breastfeed (I am so glad he will breastfeed through the night because it makes life so much easier. Pop him on my boob for 5 minutes then straight back to sleep)

5am Breastfeed

Sleeping Sleep is so much better then it was with Bailey. Boston only wakes twice a night. I am so happy with this. Bailey wakes for me to take him to the toilet and even sleep walks now and again so I have to put him back in bed.

Feeding I exclusively breastfed until 6 weeks. At 6 weeks Boston began to seam frustrated like he wasn’t getting enough milk so I started to introduce a formula feed at 5pm. This was the time he would scream and wouldn’t settle and would get really frustrated when feeding but giving him a bottle did the trick. Over the last couple of weeks we have gradually given him more formula. He now has up to 3 bottles of formula a day and is breastfed any other time. He doesn’t mind the breast during the night and day time but as evening comes he would rather have a bottle of formula. I will breastfeed for as long as possible but it seams it won’t be long before he has totally had enough of it.

Developing & Playing He holds his head really well now. It wobbles a little but he can keep it up. He is getting more and more smiley, especially in a morning. Bailey likes to do baby talk to him to try and make hime smile. They really love each other. It is so nice to watch. I hope they will be really close as they grow up.

He has started to suck his hands lately which is really cute. I have started to  put toys and teddies in his hands to encourage him to grasp them but he hasn’t got the hang of it yet. He stares at the toys above him in his Mamaroo baby rocker and waves his hands around. He is desperate to grab one.

He has started to coo and make little noises and likes a good nosey when I hold him over my shoulder as you can see in the top pic. He talks away to himself in his moses basket. He is such a happy babba.

Days out We are managing to get out about just fine. Boston  sleeps whenever we are out and loves his carseat. Having an Isofix  has helped a lot because getting a toddler and a baby in and out a car isn’t an easy task when you need to nip here and there.

We try to get out everyday because Daddy works from home and I hate the idea of them being stuck at home all day. Bailey likes going to the Garden centre for breakfast and to see the animals. He loves Bradley the snake. If its a nice day we go to the park and on rainy days to the play centre.

Bailey has been really good at walking. Before Boston came along he wouldn’t walk anywhere and would either go in his pram or want carrying. He has been happy to give his pram to Boston and knows I can’t carry the carseat and him so holds my hand quite happily.

So that’s the roundup of the last 8 weeks. I might try and do this every 4 weeks to see how things have changed.



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