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I had been experiencing pains now and again for a few weeks but nothing regular or with even spaces between the pains so i knew it wasn’t labour pains.

The day started as usual with an early wakeup from Bailey. I was now 38 1/2 weeks pregnant and extremely fed up of being pregnant. I hadn’t slept well again and was getting random pains throughout the night like every other night. When I went to the toilet I noticed that I was bleeding quite a bit so rang triage at the hospital to find out what I should do. Then told me to come in straight away to get checked out.

We called Mark’s mum to come out of work and watch Bailey, got our stuff together and set off as quick as we could as we had to drive to the centre of Manchester in rush hour traffic.

When we arrived we were told to take a seat in the waiting area. Luckily it wasn’t busy and we were taken to a room pretty quick and strapped up for the babies heartbeat to be monitored. At this point the bleeding had stopped and the babies heartbeat was fine but I was getting very light pains every 10 minutes. The Doctor came to take a look and see if everything was ok inside (not nice but had to be done). She couldn’t see anything wrong and I wasn’t dilated so I was sent home.

Mark’s mum went back to work when we got back but the pains continued to get stronger. My Dad came to take Bailey and the dog back to their house because we knew it wouldn’t be long till we had to set off back to the hospital.

At about 3:30pm we set off back to the hospital as the pains were regular and getting more painful. When we arrived the delivery ward was extremely busy so we was told to wait in the busy waiting area. I was squashed between 2 ladies that didn’t seam to be in labour. I was having contractions every 5 minutes and every time one came I tried to sit there quietly but the people sat next to me rudely stared at me. Not what you want when you are going through that.

After waiting for about 20 minutes Mark could see I was in quite a bit of pain so went to reception and demanded for us to be given a room as my last labour only lasted 90 minutes and Bailey had to be pulled out quickly because his heart rate dropped dangerously low. A midwife came to collect me soon after and took us upstairs to midwife led unit into a room. Because the hospital was so busy, they had started to use this ward as there was no rooms left on the delivery suite. The midwife checked me and I was told I was only 1cm dilated so she gave me a sweep and I was advised to go home. We told her that there was no way we could go home as it was an hours drive and my last labour happened so fast. She said she couldn’t force us to go home so ran me a bath and gave me a birthing ball to speed up the contractions.

The contractions became so painful whilst having a bath and I don’t think the bath helped at all so I soon got out and bounced on the ball for a little while and asked Mark to ask somebody for some pain relief. All I was given was paracetamol which obviously did nothing.

I went back into my little room and sat on the chair. At this point I was in so much pain and the contractions were so close together that I didn’t really get a break between them. I begged the midwife for an epidural but was told I couldn’t have one because I wasn’t on the delivery ward. The midwife also told us that the hospital doors had been closed and they weren’t letting anybody through the doors because it was so busy and there were no beds for ladies during labour. It was a good job I hadn’t gone home because they wouldn’t of let me back in.

I was given gas and air which worked a little better then it did during my labour with Bailey. It didn’t make me feel sick this time and took the edge off the pain. I felt so exhausted at this point and didn’t have any energy. I soon felt the need to push and shouting to the midwife that he is coming so she told me to get on the bed quickly and take off my trousers. So I climbed on the bed and begged again for an epidural but was still told no. Within minutes I really needed to push so was told to push when I felt the urge and go with what my body was telling me to do.

My waters soon popped and I was given a Diamorphine injection and began to push. The midwife told me to listen to her when she told me to stop so we could avoid any tearing. I gave it my all and listened to what the midwife said, holding on tightly to one side of the bed with my head tucked into the corner and my eyes closed.

Within 6 minutes of pushing Boston had arrived at 7:38pm weighing 6lb 5. He was put straight onto my chest and it was the most amazing feeling to hold him in my arms. He was so tiny and gorgeous with lots of dark hair.

The midwives left us alone after giving him a quick clean up. The labour from being 1cm dilated was a total of 83 minutes. It was fast but intense. I stayed for 6 hours and was able to go home so got home at 3am and went straight to bed. I felt fine to leave the hospital so soon as I knew what I was doing and Boston was feeding well straight away. On the way home the Diamorphine kicked in and I felt really woozy and drunk. I suppose it didn’t have chance to work during labour as Boston came so fast.

Bailey came home from Nanas the following evening to meet his new baby brother. He was so excited when he came through the door and went straight over to the moses basket to see him. He was such a proud big brother and couldn’t wait to hold him. He is still a proud big brother 6 weeks later and loves to show him off and sing to him when he cries. It is so cute to watch.

Even though at the time I didn’t think it, I am so glad I never got to have the epidural. It’s so amazing what a woman’s body does to go through labour and how your body tells you what to do. It’s the hardest thing you will ever do but such an experience and worth every second of it.


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