Pregnancy log – 38 weeks


How many weeks? 38 weeks. Why am I still pregnant. Its dragging so much now. I really thought he would of been here by now. It feels like the day will never come. I can see me having to be induced after my due date. This baby is definitely a lot lazier then Bailey was. Bailey was much more active in my tummy.

Total weight gain? I am now 11 stone 2 so a total of a stone and 5 pounds gained. I’m happy with that even though I know it’s muscle I have lost. I’m excited to work hard and get it all back.

Stretch marks? No stretchmarks. Im so happy none have appeared. There is still time yet though.

Sleep? Sleep is getting worse. The pain in my back and hips is so bad. It’s really difficult to get up to go to the toilet because of the pain. It’s more painful to be lying down then to be out of bed.

Movement? Same amount of movement with a little foot sticking out of my side quite often. Lot’s of pressure down low.

Food cravings? No cravings just far too much chocolate over the festive period.

What makes me feel queasy? Still just the heartburn.

Symtoms? Major tiredness due to the lack of sleep. I felt fine throughout the day up until yesterday. The lack of sleep finally hit me. My asthma has started to play up now too. My chest is really wheezy and I need to use my inhaler more often.

Gender? A boy

Physical changes? Although I feel enormous, when I see other pregnant ladies I realise I’m not really as big as I think. I haven’t swelled up that much really. Maybe my ankles a little bit.

Belly button popped? No but a little flatter then usual.

Happy or moody? So happy. It helps that my gorgeous man asked me to marry him on my birthday and I had a lovely Christmas with my little family.

Training? No training still but feeling really motivated for after babies arrival. Going to have a plan in place. I will have to figure out a good routine when he comes which will allow me to get to the gym and eat well.   It will be much more difficult this time around with having a newborn and a toddler but will keep you updated with how it goes. Hopefully it will help others out there who are struggling to live a healthy lifestyle after children.

Diet? Still no restrictions with anything especially with it being Christmas. I don’t feel like it has affected me too much and has made me look forward to a strict diet again.

Whats been going lately? We had a lovely Christmas. Bailey enjoyed it so much more this year with him being a little older. It was my 30th birthday on New Years Eve and I got really spoilt as you would of seen if you have read my last blog post. Me and my man got engaged and he surprised me with the most gorgeous Rolex.

I am now on maternity leave but feeling a little lost. Bailey goes to nursery 2 days a week so on those days I am trying to rest but I hate not having productive days. To make me feel better about it, I have started to write lists of things to get done which has helped. It makes me feel like I haven’t wasted my day.

Looking forward to? Meeting this little man. I have been eating lots of pineapple and drinking raspberry tea but so far hasn’t worked. I can also start looking at wedding venues and get an idea of what we want to do. I’m thinking a quiet wedding abroad but I have no idea when because I have so many friends getting married over the next couple of years.





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