Pregnancy log – 35 weeks

How many weeks? 35 weeks. I thought he might of been here by now so could be any day. Every day I think today is the day.

Total weight gain? I now weigh 10 stone 13. A total of 16  pounds gained. I’m really surprised that the scales don’t say more because I’m feeling so big right now.

Stretch marks? None that I can see.

Sleep? Awful sleep. I wake up all through the night. I keep thinking that it was a little pain waking me up then I lie awake waiting for another that doesn’t come. It is so uncomfortable when sleeping now too. Turning over is such an effort. If I stay too long on one side my hips really hurt. I suppose it’s the extra weight I’m carrying.

Movement? Still quite quiet throughout the day then he comes alive in the evening. He kicks me in the ribs and it feels really uncomfortable like I need to move to dislodge his foot before it breaks a rib.

Food cravings? No particular cravings. Just still all the carbs.

What makes me feel queasy? The heartburn. It can get so bad that I feel like i need a minute to try and not be sick. Gaviscon is my best friend right now.

Symtoms? Like I said above, major heartburn, back pain, rib pain. I’m getting sciatica more often now. I am also getting the swooshing pains that you get during your period in my back and lower abdomen. Signs of labour not being too far away. At 32 weeks I lost my mucus plug but after a visit to the hospital I was told my waters were still in place and I wasn’t dilated.  Sometimes I get a sharp pain across my stomach which makes me think he’s coming but then I don’t get another one. After my visit to the Midwife for my 34 week checkup this week she told me the babies head is engaged so he is definitely ready. Its just a waiting game.

Gender? A boy

Physical changes? I feel enormous now. I’m definitely waddling more now as the babies head has moved down. The sciatica running down my legs doesn’t help either.

Belly button popped? No. It doesn’t look like it is going too. It’s strange but I have never even had a sign of that brown line that goes down pregnant ladies tummies either.

Happy or moody? All over the place. One minute the most proudest, happiest mummy in the world  and then the next emotional and stressed over nothing. Pregnancy turns you into a crazy person. I’m pretty excited at the thought of labour though. I thought I would be petrified at this point knowing what I am going to go through. I am so done with being pregnant now though.

Training? No training for me at the minute. I am always on the go so not really resting either. Still training my clients until Christmas unless baby arrives soon.

Diet?  Still not brilliant. It’s Christmas after all. Making up for not being able to drink by eating all the food. Last Christmas I was dieting for my comp at the Arnolds so this Christmas I will definitely enjoy my food.

Whats been going lately? I’ve been trying to get organised and ready for the baby as well as getting everything ready for Christmas. I feel like I’m on track. Half of the presents are wrapped and we have everything we need for the baby for now.

Me and Bailey joined Marks mum Kim, his sister Lydia and nephew Jude and watched Aladdin at the theatre in Manchester. We really enjoyed it. I love anything like that. My Nana used to take me and my brother every year to watch a pantomime so I will try and take my little ones every year too.

Looking forward to? CHRISTMAS!!!! Only one week to go. This year will be so special for Bailey. He has grown up so much this year and understands so much more. Christmas Eve we will all spend the day watching Christmas films in our matching pyjamas and then we are spending Christmas day at Marks sisters. I am getting a little worried at this point that I will go into labour on Christmas Eve and miss my little man opening his presents Christmas morning. Fingers crossed he comes before Christmas Eve.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas with friends and loved ones.

Merry Christmas

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