Pregnancy log – 32 weeks


How many weeks? 32 weeks. Another month gone. It’s feeling real now. He could come at any time. Time is just flying by.

Total weight gain? I am now 10 stone 12. So a total of 1 stone 2 pound weight gain. Not too bad i guess.

I compared a pic to last time i was pregnant at this stage and I am so much bigger. I didn’t realise it until I compared the pics.

Stretch marks? No none yet. I keep getting out my little mirror to check under my tummy but so far, so good.

Sleep? Sleep is really bad now. I’m so uncomfortable in bed and tossing and turning throughout the night aswell as going for a wee every hour. I still love my preggo pillow though. Don’t know what I would do without that.

Movement? Lots of movement. I felt his foot sticking out my side yesterday. Such a strand feeling. He is also hiccuping allot now. Bailey did lots of hiccupping in my tummy too.

Food cravings? I’m loving tea and biscuits at the moment. Nothing better then tea and biscuits snuggled up at home in this weather.

What makes me feel queasy? Nothing

Symtoms? My back is in so much pain. Sitting down seams to make it worse. It’s like a stabbing pain in one place. My ribs hurt too at times. I am getting sciatica running down my legs when I walk but just got to push through. I’m a busy mum with lots of work to do. No time to sit down with my feet up.

Gender? A boy

Physical changes? Feeling pretty big now. I think I might walk with a slight waddle at times.

Belly button popped? No.

Happy or moody? Happy, tired, excited. Now that my Baby shower has been and gone, it all feels so real. This is the last few weeks as a family of 3 (and Flex). I’m so excited to meet our new little man.

Training? No training for me at the moment. It’s the last thing I feel like doing. My back hurts so much.

Diet? My diet hasn’t been good at all. I’ve had way too much naughty food. I’ll deal with it when the baby comes. As soon as he arrives I will be sticking to a strict diet to get my body back to how it should be.

Whats been going lately? I had a lovely time at my Baby shower and got so many goodies. I’m so thankful for everyone that came. We got spoilt rotten. It’s not very often I get to spend time with the girlies anymore so I’m so glad I had a baby shower.

I also visited my Midwife this week and she said babies head is down. Does this mean he will be coming soon? Feeling so nervous and excited.

Looking forward to? Getting organised before baby comes. Christmas isn’t that far away so I need to get my shopping done and my bags packed for hospital. Mark thinks he will be here by the end of the year. I’m not too sure. We still have’t decided on a name yet. I keep changing my mind on all the names we like.


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