Christmas traditions for children – Christmas Eve box

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Christmas Eve is the most exciting day of the year for children. Whilst Mums and Dads are rushing around getting last minute presents and finishing the wrapping, its the one day of the year that it isn’t a challenge to get the kids to bed early.

To make Christmas Eve even more special, there is a new amazing little tradition that kids will love. The Christmas Eve box. There are so many companies creating these. I purchased this beautiful, personalised box from The Festive Studio. It is the Deluxe, luxury edition. It was so easy to order and arrived in a short amount of time. When it arrived I was so excited to look inside and wasn’t disappointed.

The box lid was personalised with Baileys name and inside was filled with treats. Heres what you get:

  • A personalised letter from Santa
  • A ‘nice list’ certificate of Chief Elf
  • Magical Reindeer Oats
  • Magic Expanding Snow
  • Milk Bottle and Coloured Paper Straw
  • Treat Plate for Santa
  • Candy Cane
  •  Stickers
  •  A real enchanted wooden chest
  •  Personalised laser engraved lid
  • North Pole embossed gold stamp
  • Authentic original glass milk bottle
  • Cadburys hot chocolate for bedtime
  • Chocolate coins
  • Santa’s laser engraved frosted shot glass

It is reusable each year so is such a good investment. I will give Bailey his box on Christmas Eve along with his Christmas Eve pyjamas. I can’t wait to see his little face when he sees what Santa has sent him. I  could even tell him that the Elf has brought it back with him after his visit to Santa the night before.


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