Christmas traditions for children. The Elf on the Shelf


This year Bailey is 3,  so he is so excited for Christmas. He understands it a lot more and I can bribe him to be well behaved. I can’t wait to watch Christmas films with him and make it a magical time. I am a big kid myself so love Christmas and anything make believe.

So much is available now that can make Christmas time even more magical. This year I have come across The Elf on the Shelf. I can’t believe I had never heard of this. I purchased the Elf and the story book that comes with it on Ebay.  The story explains how Santa has sent Elves to live with families to watch to see if the children have been naughty or nice and the Elf will fly back each night to report back to Santa. Each morning the Elf has returned but is in a new place for the child to discover. Its a little game each morning to find the Elf.

There is no set date to when the Elf will arrive at your house but he will arrive in my house on the 1st December every year. I have already read the story to Bailey and he is really excited for the arrival of Mr. Elf.

Here are a few Elf on the Shelf ideas found on Pinterest.



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