Pregnancy log – 28 weeks

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How many weeks? 28 weeks. I’m now 7 months pregnant. I can’t believe I’m in my third and final trimester. I really need to get organised.

Total weight gain? I am now 10 stone 8 which means I have gained a total of 13 pounds. Suppose I haven’t done too bad in 28 weeks.

Stretch marks? No stretch marks yet but I’m constantly checking my tummy for them. I think i’m ok at the minute but every time I see a slight mark on my skin I’m worried its a stretch mark starting to come.

Sleep? I’m constantly going to the toilet during the night which is really annoying. It’s also really uncomfortable now and a lot harder to get out of bed. I need to do a little roll to get off the bed. Very elegant

Movement? Lots of movement. He usually has a good kick in the evening but then there will be the odd day when he doesn’t seam to move as much so panics me a little. I was monitored in the hospital on Wednesday because of this and he is perfectly fine.

Food cravings? I don’t think I have any cravings. Just carbs. Lots of carbs.

What makes me feel queasy? Not much really.

Symtoms? My heartburn gets really bad around 4pm onwards. I am extremely tired. No matter how much sleep I get i am so exhausted by about 10am. I had my iron levels checked whilst in hospital last week so need to chase up the results because this might be the reason for me being so exhausted. I’ve also started getting a really sore back . Its like a stabbing pain halfway up. I suppose this is because I am carrying extra weight so won’t really improve until after baby arrives. I also get sort of numb legs all of a sudden. I don’t no if this is what they call restless legs or its the baby lying on a nerve. It isn’t ideal when walking.

Gender? A baby boy

Physical changes? It’s quite scary going from competition ready to very pregnant lady so I’m trying not too focus on the negative changes to much. I am trying to embrace the extra pounds and extra body fat. I love having a bump but not so much the little dimples in my bum.  I just need to think that this is only a temporary thing and when baby arrives I can get my body back. Right now my body is creating another human being and he is more important now.

Belly button popped? No.

Happy or moody? I think my emotion changes a lot throughout the day. I can go from happy to moody to worried to emotional very quickly. I am really excited to see my little baby boy’s face when he arrives though.

Training? I have only trained now and again and mainly cardio. I feel really guilty but when I actually get the chance to train I think my body really needs rest more then to train. This isn’t very often as I don’t have much time to train or rest with a 3 year old. I suppose running around after him is cardio anyway.

Diet? Diet hasn’t been good at all. There’s no filling me. I am eating a lot of carbs but it still doesn’t fill me.

Whats been going on this week? It was Halloween so I took Bailey to Haigh Hall country park to meet Kelly and Isla to do pumpkin carving and a few little Halloween activities on the Sunday. Then on Halloween night itself we went trick or treating. He was dressed as a Gremlin or something but still looked cute.

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I also got around to decorating the babies room as you will see in the bump pic. I painted the walls Taupe and wallpapered one wall in Andrew Martins Ark wallpaper. I just need to dress the room and add a few bits.

Looking forward to? My Baby shower next week. I can’t wait for a girly day at my house.Its very rare I have them these days.



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