Pregnancy log – 24 weeks

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How many weeks? 24 weeks. I’m officially 6 months pregnant!!! So scary. He will be here in no time and I will be a mummy of 2.

Total weight gain? I am now 10 stone 3. Its starting to shoot up now. I suppose i’m not doing too bad. In 24 weeks I have only put on 6 pound.

Stretch marks? Not yet but i feel like its only a matter of time. Trying to keep them at bay with Bio-oil

Sleep? Waking up throughout the night to go to the toilet and because my hips are starting to hurt whilst sleeping. My new pregnancy pillow has just arrived so I’ll let you guys no how I get on with that.


Movement? He is moving so much now. When I lay in bed I can see my whole stomach changing shape. Such an amazing feeling.

Food cravings? Maybe a little bit of chocolate here and there but no major cravings

What makes me feel queasy? Just coffee at times.

Symtoms? I wouldn’t really say I have many systems at the minute. Apart from tiredness

Gender? A baby boy

Physical changes? My tummy seams to be growing rapidly. Still very big boobs.

Belly button popped? No.

Happy or moody? Happy but could change very quickly.

Training? Its so hard to enjoy training when you know you can’t make much of a difference to your body, but I’m still managing 3 days a week. Mainly legs. I want to keep it up because it is suppose to help you with labour and to get back in shape easily afterwards.

Diet? Still loving cereal for breakfast. Meals haven’t been too unhealthy. Homemade cottage pie and chicken, rice and veg but a few naughty treats here and there. I don’t want to deprive myself of them just yet as once the baby arrives I will be sticking to a meal plan 100% and giving it my all to get myself back into shape. I am not putting weight on rapidly and still fit in a lot of my pre pregnancy clothes so I don’t feel guilty. Bring on the Starbucks pumpkin spics latte.

Whats been going on this week? If you have read my last post you will have seen that it has been Baileys 3rd birthday. We had his amazing playhouse delivered and it was his party last Sunday so spent most of my time sorting that. We have also had new ladies changing rooms in our gym so had lots of building work going on. (If you don’t already know, we own Dynamics gym in Radcliffe, Manchester) They are now completed and look out of this world.

Looking forward to? Now that Baileys birthday is out of the way I can start to plan my baby shower. I think I will have it at home with all the girls like my last one.

Me and Mark are off to the UKBFF British championship this weekend to support competitors from the gym. I can’t believe it has been a year since I was on the British stage. It was such an amazing surprise to place 4th. Hope all my bikini friends enjoy every minute of there big day at the Championships this year.


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