Pregnancy log-20 weeks


How many weeks? 20 weeks. Halfway there yayy!!

Total weight gain? I’m still 10 stone so doing well so far. A total of 3 pound gained.

Stretch marks? Not yet.

Sleep? I am so tired all the time with having a chest infection over the past couple of weeks. It has really wiped me out, but no time to rest with a toddler.

Movement? Lots of movement and Mark even felt him kick a couple of days ago too.

Food cravings? Not many cravings at the moment.

What makes me feel queasy? I’m suffering from really bad heartburn now so it makes me feel a little queasy at night.Coughing so much with my chest infection makes me feel really sick too.

Symtoms? Its all started this week. Heartburn, backache, rib ache.

Gender? Another little boy. I’m so happy that a will be a mummy to 2 little boys. I’m a tomboy that likes playing sport so perfect for me.

Physical changes? Big tim, big bum and big boobs. Super strong hair and nails.

Belly button popped? No.

Happy or moody? Happy and excited.

Training? I haven’t trained for 2 weeks now with having this chest infection. I couldn’t if I tried. I keep having coughing fits and have no energy at all. I really want to get back to training so hopefully will be better soon.

Diet? Pretty terrible to be honest. I think its a pregnancy thing just wanting cereal all the time because every pregnant lady seams to go through it. The chew bars have stopped so at least thats a good thing.

Whats been going on this week? ¬†We had the 20 week scan today and our little man has grown so much in the last few weeks. He has such a cute little side profile. They said he is growing well and everything is normal. On Friday me and Bailey went to the theatre in Manchester to watch Dinosaur Zoo with my mum and niece. We went on the tram which Bailey loved and I braved it without the pram which was a mistake. He tried his hardest to walk but got so tired in the afternoon that he fell asleep on Nanna and needed carrying for the rest of the day. I don’t know what i will do when baby number 2 comes. I think a sling will come in handle when Bailey needs a nap so he can go in the pram.


Looking forward to? Today we are going to Westmoreland country show in Kendal. We went last year but i was prepping for the British championships so had to resist the massive tent full of food. Not today though. I will be trying everything.


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