Pregnancy log- 17 weeks

17 weeks

How many weeks? 17 weeks.

Total weight gain? I am now 10 stone. Wow, scary. So a total of 4 pounds gained. I suppose it isn’t bad. Just a little scary to actually see the scales say that. I think last time I was pregnant, my heaviest was 10 stone 10. My average was only 9stone back then. Now my average is 9stone10 so I think I will end up a lot heavy by the end of the pregnancy.

Stretch marks? Still none. Thankfully.

Sleep? Still managing to sleep pretty well but having really vivid dreams.

Movement? I’ve felt a lot more movement lately. Mostly when I climb into bed and get myself all cozy, I feel little flutters. Its so nice to feel the baby.

Food cravings? I’m still craving sour chew bars. Even though they really give me jaw ache, I love them so much right now.

What makes me feel queasy? Not much anymore. I’m managing to drink coffee again which is a life saver. I can get through my day much easier.

Symtoms? All my symptoms have eased off luckily. Still get tired and grumpy at times but who doesn’t?

Gender? We are having a boy. I was so shocked to hear it. Not one person has said to me that they thought it would be a boy. All I was thinking about was girls names and designing a girly bedroom. I am so happy that I am having another little boy though. A brother for Bailey will be so nice. Can’t wait to take them both snowboarding.

Physical changes? A great big tummy and huge boobs. My bum is getting pretty big too.

Belly button popped? No.

Happy or moody? Keep getting a little emotional at times because I feel so happy with my little family.

Training? Last week was really good. I was in the gym nearly every day. This week not so much. With the weather being so nice my hay fever has been quite bad. I’ve had a really bad headache all week and my eyes are sore so rested instead.

Diet? Not great to be honest. A few chew bars like I said and ¬†and yesterday Mark brought home some gorgeous cakes from Patisserie Valerie. Who could say no? I suppose my diet isn’t as bad as a lot of peoples. I could never eat a McDonalds or KFC or any takeaway for that matter. Except pizza, but I don’t make that a regular thing. Maybe once a month.

Whats been going on this week? Last week we had our 4D scan to find out what we were having. He keeps being a little shy at the scans so we can’t really see his little face so we are booked in again next week to have another 4D scan. Been mainly busy with work, training clients and posing practice with clients. I have got so busy at the minute that I am no longer taking on any new clients. Last week me and Bailey went to see The BFG with my sister, which he loved, and had breakfast at chiquitos. The breakfast is amazing there and kids eat free. I will definitely be going back soon. I also had a girly day in Manchester with Marks mum and sister which was such a nice day. We had a hand and arm massage in Jo Malone, had lunch in the San Carlo cafe and finished off with a bit of shopping.

Looking forward too? Buying boys clothes and designing the babies new room.


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