week 15

How many weeks? 15 weeks

Total weight gain? -1 pound this week. So now at 9 stone 11. Strange. I can see my weight flying up from now.

Stretch marks?  Still none. Praying they don’t appear.

Sleep? Sleeping like a baby at the minute. Until Bailey wakes me up at about 6:30 every morning.

Movement? Haven’t really felt much movement this week. I’ve had a really busy week so maybe thats why.

Food cravings? Sour chew bars. I’m not even a sour sweet lover but I’ve had to drive around looking for shops that sold them. I hope I don’t have this craving all throughout my pregnancy or I won’t have any teeth left by the time the baby comes.

What makes me feel queasy? Still just coffee really. I’ve had to force a few down to keep me awake and wash it down with water.

Symtoms? The sickness is much better but still really tired.

Gender? Only a couple of days till we find out. I’m so excited.Everyone is saying that they think it will be a girl.

Physical changes? Still just wider hips and a big tummy. I’m so much bigger than the last time I was pregnant. I was shocked when I compared pictures.

13923856_1573866156243075_6834154330135841237_oBelly button popped? No.

Happy or moody? Excited to find out the gender but still moody at times.

Training? Ive only managed to train about 3 times due to having no time with Bailey but I’ve pushed myself and lifted a lot heavy then I have been. I’ve missed training heavy and doing as much as I usually would since being pregnant. Was really feeling the pain after leg day though. I could hardly walk for 2 days.

Diet? My meals have been healthy and nutritious. I’ve been having the meals we supply at the gym made by Tailored Gains. But snacks haven’t been so healthy. Sour chew bars whenever I can get my hands on one and I had a packet of crisps last night which I wouldn’t usually touch. Oh well! Everything in moderation.

Whats been going on this week? I had to see a special doctor because Bailey was premature. She just gave me advice incase this baby came early. They say your second usually comes earlier and quicker so any little signs and I have to get myself to the hospital.

Looking forward too? Watching Finding Dory tomorrow with Bailey, my sister and my niece.  Finding out the gender on Saturday and surprising Bailey somehow with either a brother or sister.

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