week 14 4th trty

How many weeks? 14 weeks

Total weight gain? No weight gain this week. I must be losing muscle because I feel massive.

Stretch marks? So far so good. Still using my bio oil daily

Sleep? This heat doesn’t help but could really stay in bed in a morning. No chance of that with a toddler.

Movement? I think I can feel the baby flipping. Its so nice to feel the baby. Makes it all seam so real.

Food cravings? Today I’ve really been craving cheese and Branston pickle sandwiches.

What makes me feel queasy? I’m feeling so much better all of a sudden. Coffee still makes me feel sick and meat is starting to aswell.

Symtoms? Tiredness. No matter how much sleep I get it doesn’t help and still really sore boobs. I hope its not because they are continuing to grow.

Gender? We find out a week on Saturday. I’m still thinking a girl. Mark says he thinks a girl now too because I am much bigger than the first time around.

Physical changes? My hips seam to be much wider. I’ve always had really narrow hips so I suppose this is a good thing as I’ll be more curvier.

Belly button popped? No.

Happy or moody? Mostly moody because I am so tired and really want to nap but never get the chance.

Training?  Training has been so much better this week. I’ve actually enjoyed it. Lifting a little lighter then usual but feeling good and getting DOMS for a few days which makes me feel like I am benefiting from my workouts.

Diet? Not too bad. I made a healthy salted, caramel tart so have had at least 1 piece a day. Its made with nuts, dates and coconut oil so is much better then eating normal cake. Ive also made a no added sugar banana bread so will be snacking on that with a cup of tea. I will do a post on how to make it soon .

banana bread

Whats been going on this week? I took Bailey to see my Mum and Dad at the caravan in the Lakes and had such a nice time. I stayed Thursday till Friday and Bailey stayed till the Sunday. He loved every minute of it. He went on the Steam train, the ferry across Windermere and lots of lovely walks. Me and Mark spend our free time building bedroom furniture. Fun.

Looking forward too? Our 4d scan a week on Saturday. I can’t wait to find out what we are having. Then we can start planning the babies bedroom and buying things.

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