bump 13 last try

How many weeks?  13 weeks

Total weight gain?  Weighing myself midday and I am 9 stone 12 so thats a total gain of 2 pounds. Im happily surprised. I’ve avoided the scales till now. Thats made my day. I expected about a stone weight gain.

Stretch marks?  None so far. I am using Bio-oil daily. This helped me through the last pregnancy so thought it would be best to go with this again as I got no stretch marks whatsoever last time.

Sleep? Getting slightly uncomfortable but still managing to sleep. I usually sleep on my front but can’t do this anymore.

Movement? Slight flutters now and again but not sure if its actually the baby.

Food cravings? Lots of carbs. Mostly Special K.

What makes me feel queasy?  I feel much more queasy during this pregnancy. Its like a hunger sickness. Lots of carbs in the morning seams to help this.

Symtoms? Sickness, constantly feeling exhausted no matter how much sleep I get and really sore, massive boobs.

Gender? I’m thinking that its a girl as this pregnancy is so different to the last one. I’m much bigger (I know you usually are with a second pregnancy), much more tired and feel really sick which I didn’t experience much with the first pregnancy. Bailey says he wants a sister. I really wouldn’t mind. It would be nice to have a girl but it would also be nice for Bailey to have a brother too.

Physical changes? A much bigger tummy obviously. I am definitely carrying differently this time around. My tummy seams to be getting a lot wider. I seam to be carrying all around already. They usually say that means its a girl don’t they?

Belly button popped? No. My bellybutton never popped the first time around. It was more of a flat bellybutton. It will be interesting to see if it happens this time.

Happy or moody? Happy but sometimes grumpy at the end of the day when I’m really tired.

Training? Last week was a bad week. I didn’t train at all. I was so busy and tired that I just couldn’t face it. This week I intend to have a good week.

Diet? I can’t get enough carbs, especially in the morning. I eat a bowl of Special K as soon as I wake up then maybe a bagel about an hour after. I am trying to eat clean but if I want a naughty treat I will have it. By tea time (dinner time to the non-northeners) I find I’m not really hungry and have something small like a piece of fruit or yoghurt.

I have cut my protein intake right down and stopped whey protein altogether. I have been doing a little research and whey protein hasn’t been tested on pregnant ladies and could contain harmful ingredients towards the baby so isn’t worth the risk. Even the all natural whey protein powders say not suitable for pregnancy so I am sourcing it from other natural things like meat, nuts and yoghurt. I have also cut out any sweeteners as these aren’t good for the baby either. I will do a separate blogpost on training and nutrition during pregnancy.

Whats been going on this week? We had the 12 week scan on Wednesday and everything was ok. I was a little worried about this scan because when we was in Dubai I started having really bad pains in my stomach the night before we flew home. The pains were so bad that I felt like I was in labour. They lasted for about 4 hours.  Thankfully everything seamed fine at the scan.

Looking forward too? The sickness easing off and my energy levels coming back. We have booked our 4d scan in 2 weeks to find out the gender. Im so excited for that.

13 week bump

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