Big News……….

So I’ve been keeping a little secret from everyone. I am now 13 weeks pregnant.

baby and bailey.jpg

Early in the year we decided that we didn’t want a massive gap between Bailey and our next baby so now would be the perfect time. Once the Arnolds was out the way we would start trying. We thought it would take quite a while as being a bikini athlete your periods tend to stop so you would expect you wouldn’t be ovulating either (I know lots of you can relate). But this wasn’t the case as I got caught pregnant in the April.

So word of warning girls. Just because your periods have stopped doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant.

My due date is 22nd January so no competing for a while for me. I am missing it already especially seeing all the gorgeous girls getting ready for their comps at the moment. But family comes first and I wouldn’t like to regret having a massive gap between my children in the future because of my own selfish reasons.

I will be logging my pregnancy updates weekly to keep everyone updated with how its going.

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