What are the judges looking for?



I often hear people saying ‘ I don’t know what the judges are looking for with a Bikini competitor’ and to be honest it really annoys me. Girls don’t walk in off the street and get on stage. Bikini competitors work extremely hard to get into competition condition. They work just as hard as bodybuilders do. Heres my views on what the judges are looking for.

  • Bikini athletes need muscle but don’t want to be overly muscular. There is a fine line.
  • You should be lean but not as lean as a physique competitor.
  • You need to have the X shape ( wide back, round bum, tiny waist )
  • You should have good symmetry and everything should be in proportion (not massive boobs or big upper body and tiny bum)
  • You are judged on your bikini, heels and jewellery so choose wisely. Choose a bikini that suits your shape and is the right colour for you.
  • You are also judged on your overall look which means hair, makeup, skin, tan. Go for the girl next door look. Pretty and not too over the top. I was once told by a judge that you need to look like you can be put straight on the front cover of a fitness mag. Naturally pretty.
  • Presentation is key. Its so important to do lots of posing practice and this includes practising your transitions into your poses.Your posing could be what knocks you down a couple of places.
  • Make sure you smile at all times. Resting bitch face doesn’t go down well on stage.

Good luck on your journey to the stage. If you have any questions feel free to ask

Kym x

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