How to get started on your fitness journey



Step 1: Take pictures

I can’t stress how important this is. You will not notice yourself progressing without them. If you have weekly pictures to compare you can visibly see the difference. Seeing your progress really helps with motivation.

Step 2: Keep a diary

Make sure you are recording your food intake. This will keep you on track with your diet and stop you from overeating. Also keep a record of the weight that you are lifting or the level you set your cardio on. This will help you to set new targets and to push yourself further.

Step 3: Set achievable goals

Set small,  manageable goals. Once you have achieved your goal you can set a new goal. If you set unrealistic goals you will find that you will lose motivation.

Step 4: Empty your cupboards

If you have no naughty food in your fridge and cupboards you will be less tempted to fall off track and binge.

Step 5: Surround yourself with like minded people

If you surround yourself with people who have similar goals to you and love the fitness lifestyle it will keep you motivated. Stay away from people who don’t understand why you do this and like to question you and put you down.

Feel free to ask me any fitness questions to help you get started on your journey or email me for your own personalised plan.

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